Stunt Performing CV


NKBV Climbing ​Indoor Toprope course

2020 January - February Course to earn a ​NKBV ​climbing ability certificate​ Indoor Toprope at Mountain Network Nieuwegein. Certificate obtained.

Gun Rush course

2020 March Gun Rush course by the British Action Academy. Instructor: Andreas Petrides. Completed successfully.


Work Experience

Take4ce and ActInc., actor for corporate role play

2018 April - present Actor for corporate role play at Take4ce and ActInc. I mostly do physical assignments that require aggressive role play, that regularly lead to physical encounters (arrests and shoot outs). This takes place in set training courses for defense personnel as well as law enforcement.

OOV, coordinator of corporate role play actors

2018 May - present Coordinator of corporate role play actors in service of the organisation OOV at large scale training courses for the anti riot police and special police forces. I direct groups of actors as they counter play the trainees of law enforcement in scenarios for educational purposes.

H.E.L. Shoorter, actor at an escape experience in an indoor airsoft location

2018 January - 2019 September Actor at the escape experience H.E.L. Shooter in Woerden. All actors regularly swap roles but all characters are either members of special police forces or criminals. Actors and players shoot at each other with airsoft gun replicas in a gaming area that covers four separate floors in a set building. There is a set storyline and script for non shooting related interaction.

Thijl, stunt fighter

2018 June Dutch warrior (sword fighting, performing stunts) in opera 'Thijl'. Director: Wim Trompert. Production: Stichting Lustrumopera. Casted by Vanguard Action.

Redbad: the Legend, action extra (stunt fighter)

2017 Viking warrior (mainly sword fighting, performing stunts) in full feature film ‘Redbad: the Legend’. Director: Roel Reiné. Production: Farmhouse Film.