Stunt Performing Material

In the past two years I have spend hundreds and hundreds of hours falling, fighting, jumping, running, shooting and being killed. I have performed a lot of stunts. I am most experienced in the handling of fire arms and location breaching tactics. I also have experience in sword fighting, with or without shield, and working with (cross)bows and spears as well as hand to hand combat.

Sadly, I have very little film (and photo) material to show for all of my stunt work. The reason for that is the nature of the projects I have performed stunts for up to now. Functioning as an action extra did not lead to usable film material. Stunt fighting in an opera did not get me a lot of film material. Working as a physical actress in an escapre room experience could not result in usable film material because of the need to prevent spoilers. And working as a physical corporate role player for the department of defense and law inforcement comes with a nondisclosure agreement.

On this page you can find a screenshot of a Facebook post of the Dutch police. It features an article about physical corporate role players. The photos in the article were taken during a training exercise that I have participated in as a role player too, on multiple occasions.

In the beginning of this year I have started doing training programs to improve my stunt performing. I am learning a lot. And I hope that good film material, showing my skills, will come from that too.

The second photo that can be found on this page was taken while I was doing a British Action Academy course. Don't take it too seriously though. That photo was just made for the fun of it during a short break.