Experienced in screen and stage acting and corporate role play.
Available for commercial, fantasy and fashion shoots.
Stunt performing
Skilled in location breaching tactics and handling firearms.
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I love stories

My personal tale?

I greatly enjoy hearing, reading and watching stories. But I also have a passion for sharing stories. Ever since I was a child I loved nothing more than bringing stories to life.

Age: 31
Residence: the Netherlands
Main expertise: acting, modeling and stunt performing

I am a Dutch performance artist.

I only started my career two years ago. I have always had a great passion for movies and fashion. Growing up I lacked the confidence to put myself out there. I took acting, dancing and singing lessons. I performed in a show choir a few years and had roles in several amateur plays. But I never tried performing arts on a professional level. That all changed when I became a mother. I decided to set a good example for my son. I wanted to show him you can do anything you set your heart to.

I applied for a position as an extra in a full feature film in the summer of 2017. I immediately got casted as an action extra. I was trained in the basics of fighting with shield and sword by a professional stunt team. I had a great time on that movie set and was noticed by several members of the film cast and crew. Mere weeks after the shooting of that film was wrapped I had my first paid job as an actress under contract for several hours a week. After a few more weeks I signed my second job as an actress under contract for additional hours. Within a year I was doing my first lead in a short film and getting to work with award winning photographers as a model. By this time I have worked with a long list of talented directors and photographers.

Physical acting has proven to be my strong suit. I often get casted for parts that require performing stunts. I work as a (physical) training actor for both the department of defense as the police on a regular basis. I have gained a lot of experience in handling firearms and building clearing and searching, as performed by law enforcement. I have started training at the British Action Academy to further develop my skills as a stunt performing actress.

I am excited to see what the future has in store for me. I have gathered quite some experience and knowledge of my own, on acting and stunt performing as well as modeling. But I am eager to learn and try more. If you are interested in working with me, please contact my team. I can't wait to do more projects with creative talents!

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I love stories
Showreel and portfolio

Showreel and portfolio

Want to take a look?

If you are not much of a reader I have something for you to watch instead! A short video was made to showcase some of my previous work as an actress. This demo reel is a compilation. It exhibits shots of a selection of characters I have portrayed. My showreel should give you an idea of my capacities as an actress. Though of course my experience and talents are not limited to what you see in this showreel.

If you prefer a literal summary of my current and previous acting jobs you can find that here.

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