Corporate Film Deloitte

Lead role in infomercial

In may 2019 I got the lead role in a corporate film for Deloitte. The infomercial was meant for intern usage on a convention about consultation for Deloitte employees. The story focused on the possible future of consultancy. My character, Stephanie, was a driven but kind career woman. Continue reading

The producer of this infomercial was Meet CLIFF B.V.  I was casted and hired by them. Jonathan Smit was the director.

I had a great time on set. I learned a lot about so called green screen acting. I had to use my imagination and take in account the fact that a lot of visual elements would be added in postproduction. Also, this film was actually an interactive video. The audience of the convention was asked to download an app on their smartphones. During the screening there were several moments in which the audience could decide what the lead character would do next by choosing an option as provided in the app on their smartphones. This made for a very unusual but interesting script and experience for the crew and myself.

It was a real pleasure to work with Jonathan Smit and his team on this corporate film.