Photoshoot demo

Modeling at Photo Days Brussels

On March 15 2019 I joined the amazingly talented photographer Laura Sheridan of Laura Sheridan Photography, and her team, for a photoshoot demo. Laura Sheridan had been hired by Transcontinenta Benelux to give demonstrations of her style of shooting. The photoshoots took place live on the stage at the stand of Transcontinenta Benelux. Continue reading

Laura Sheridan was responsible for all the photography during this day, as well as the editing of these shots. Our make-up and hair styling was done by Eline Deblauwe. The red dress I wore was a design by Church of Sanctus and the teal corset was made by Wyte Phantom.

The two shoots I did that day were particularly memorable for me because I had never modeled for photos with an audience before. It took some getting used to posing for Laura Sheridan while simultaneously having dozens of other photographers flashing their lenses at me from all around the stage. In the end the photos did turn out very good.

The sets of shots made during this day are of the quality I have come to expect from Laura. I had worked with her multiple times before and have teamed up with her many times after. Laura Sheridan is an absolute pleasure to work with as a photographer but also as a person. I have learned a lot about posing from Laura and shooting with her regularly has certainly boosted my confidence as a model. I am looking forward to our future collaborations.